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     Standard Sensor Packages
  Specialized Packages
       Reciprocating Compressors
       Fuel Line Pressure
       Generic Non-Combustion Pressure Sensors
       Pressure Sensors for Natural Gas Engines
       Pressure Sensors for Diesel Engines
       Spark Plug-Mountable Pressure Sensors
       Pressure Indicating Spark Plugs: PSIplug and CALplug
       PSIglow-A: Pressure sensing glow plug adapter
       PSIglow: Pressure measuring functional glow plug

Combustion Pressure Sensors incorporate a flame-arresting/heat-shielding element designed to protect the sensor diaphragm against the thermal shock effect of the combustion process ("-Q" series). Application specific sensors include Spark Plug-Mountable Sensors ("-SP" series) and Sensors for Natural Gas ("-NG" series) and Diesel ("-DE" series) engines.

Sensors can be mounted either directly into the cylinder head, in the indicator port/Kiene adapter, or inside the measuring spark plug.

Non-Combustion Pressure Sensors (without a flame-arresting/heat-shielding element) are suitable for measuring pressure at extreme temperature ranging from -40C to 350C in corrosive, explosive, and chemically volatile environments, liquid or gaseous media.